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Get All posts by tag in a network – wordpress multisite

If you want to show some selected posts as popular posts across the network, then this snippet is for you You can fetch posts by any tag that is available in your wordpress multisite network and show those… Read More

Limit one blog per user in a wordpress multisite

In a wordpress multisite, an user can create as many blog as he wants. If you Pro Sites you can control this. Pro Sites is a giant plugin that will help you to have control over the whole… Read More

How to redirect user to his primary blog on login in a multisite

Some web admins don’t like to to redirect the user to network site dashboard upon login. So, they want to redirect the user to the primary blog’s dashboard. Well, it’s fair enough. So, if an user 5 subsites,… Read More

WordPress Multisite: How to show popular post acrosee the network (without any plugin)

WordPress Multisite is a very popular platform now a days for owning of a series of blog site. Well, it can be any e-commerce market. You can easily develop a etsy ptsy style market with MarketPress. Also you… Read More

WordPress Multisite: How to define a common upload folder for all blogs or subsites

In WordPress multisite, media uploaded from the subsite users are stored to different subdirectories using blog id into uploads folder. But, if you need to save all media files in one folder rather than uploads folder with lots… Read More