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How to load a wordpress plugin at very last

You need to load your plugin at vert last? Well, sometimes we develop a simple plugin that is dependent to other plugins, something like add-on. So, in those cases, the addon plugins need to be loaded after the… Read More

How to make your wordpress secure, wp config tips and many more

You don’t want your site to be hacked, right? Security should be at the top of to-do list. It doesn’t matter which CMS or platform you use for your website or application or portal, but you need to… Read More

Include GitHub Gists in WordPress content makes it dead easy to include Gists in posts, but that isn’t available in the WordPress software by default.  So let’s add it! GitHub’s Gist service normally provides an embed code to include Gists in other web sites. The… Read More

Limit one blog per user in a wordpress multisite

In a wordpress multisite, an user can create as many blog as he wants. If you Pro Sites you can control this. Pro Sites is a giant plugin that will help you to have control over the whole… Read More

Easily display member cards with WPMU DEV Membership

Here’s a simple shortcode snippet to let you easily add a membership card for your site’s members when using WPMU DEV’s Membership plugin. This was requested in the WPMU DEV forums, where we love to help members out with… Read More

How to add multiple custom excerpt length in wordpress

In archive pages, we use the_excerpt() function to show excerpt of each posts. Be default, wordpress uses 55 words as excerpt if you don’t enter anything in Excerpt meta field. Now, if you want to change the length… Read More

WordPress: How to load all styles and scripts in footer

We want to load styles and scripts in footer in wordpress to load it faster. In fact the best practice is to load styles in head and the scripts in footer. We can use some minify plugins to… Read More

How to enable php mail() in your ubuntu

In my last post I showed you how you can set up an ubuntu server for apache, php, mysql, phpmyadmin and wordpress multiste. Below is the link if you want to take a look: How to setup a… Read More

How to hide a plugin for non-admin users in wordpress

Today I will show how you can hide a plugin from the users that are non-admin. If you use a multisite, you can control a lots of stuffs with Pro Sites plugin. But what if you don’t want… Read More

How to redirect user to his primary blog on login in a multisite

Some web admins don’t like to to redirect the user to network site dashboard upon login. So, they want to redirect the user to the primary blog’s dashboard. Well, it’s fair enough. So, if an user 5 subsites,… Read More