Month: January 2012

Who says you can’t change URL for list or document library in Sharepoint?

Normally, we can rename the list or document library in Sharepoint CMS but from the admin panel we can’t change the url. Renaming the list doesn’t confirm that the corresponding url is also changed, the url will remain… Read More

When edit page is disabled for any sharepoint page

Sometimes you may see your edit page menu is disabled for some sharepoint site page. It may happens if someone check out that page and didn’t publish. In that case it’s good idea to not touch that page… Read More

How to copy a list using list template in sharepoint?

When we need to move a large list to another sharepoint site, it is really boring to create a new one. So we can copy this list template and upload it to the new site where we need… Read More

How to copy a web part in Sharepoint?

Sometimes we need to copy a webpart in sharepoint rather than creating one. It’s because you may not have time to create one or you can’t do it. So, it’s better idea to copy a web part and… Read More