Month: July 2012

How to show hidden files and folders in mac

To enable hidden files/folders in finder windows: 1.Open Finder 2.Open the Utilities folder 3.Open a terminal window 4.Copy and paste the following line in: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES 5.Press return 6.Now hold ‘alt’ on the keyboard and… Read More

Use hyphen in CodeIgniter URL

I normally like to use hyphens than underscores in URL. It looks more easier to read I think. But in CodeIgniter normally we can’t use hyphens in URL as hyphens isn’t allowed in function name or class name…. Read More

Removing index.php in codeigniter

Hey Folks, most of the new CodeIgniter developers face a problem to remove index.php from the URL. It’s pretty simple. Just write the following code in notepad and save as .htaccess. Put this file in the root folder… Read More