How HTML5 supports older versions of IE

We all are aware of the popularity of HTML5 these days in the web-world. HTML5 and CSS3 are hot topics for a software developer which is getting huge attention from all around. All the browser companies are working day and night to make their browser in line with HTML5. The latest browser of Internet Explorer i.e. IE9 also supports a lot of HTML5/CSS3 standards nowadays.

However the biggest challenge in front of every software developer is to make HTML5 work on older versions of IE. The most important difference between HTML5 and HTML4 is the usage of custom tags in HTML5. We have Tags like




BeautyMenu: A simple jQuery drop down menu plugin

Hey Folks, this is a very simple one level drop down menu plugin for you. Usage of this plugin is very simple. This is version 1. In next version I will make it for multi-level menu items.

You can check demo before jump into the code.

Now, it’s time to dive into the codes.

In section, write the following code:

Here, the css is for styling the menu. I also used two plugins – hoverIntent and easing.

In section –

Now, the css part is:

The beautyMenu plugin code is:

Now, it’s time to call the plugin. You have four parameter to set, if you want you can leave these alone – then it will get its default values.

Put the following code into head section:

or just simply

You can download the source code here.

This plugin is free to use and modify, just keep the author info at the top ;)