Month: November 2013

HTML5: The Beautiful Butterfly! Part 2

Before starting this part, you may like to take a look on part 1. We are going to discuss some more important changes in this post. As HTML5 has been taking the top place of tomorrow’s world, it… Read More

Unique display name and nickname in wordpress

Hiya Folks! We know that display name and nickname are very useful option in wordpress. Some users want to show display name or nickname instead of username. But there is possibility to be the display name and username… Read More

How to add login logout link in wordpress menu

We can add login and logout link using Appearance > Menus and then custom link. But then both links will be shown always, doesn’t matter if you are logged in or out. But if you want to use… Read More

HTML5: The Beautiful Butterfly! Part 1

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is a formatting language that programmers and developers use to create documents on the Web. The latest edition HTML5 has enhanced features for programmers such as video, audio and canvas elements. You view… Read More

WordPress admin user search by name

When we search user from wordpress dashboard (Users > All Users) we can search with username and email address. But we can’t search with first name or last name or both. So, what if we want to use… Read More