Month: November 2015

How to apply coupon automatically on WPMU membership2 checkout

Membership 2 is an awesome plugin to sell your content. That being said, you can charge your members to see your site content. If you want to give discount, you can use Coupon addon. You have to enable… Read More

Assign and withdraw role on an user based on membership – WPMU Membership2

WPMU Membership2 plugin has an addon that you can use to assign extra capabilities to an user when he joins in a membership, and when the user left the membership the capabilities are withdrawn. But, the problem is,… Read More

Assign a membership to a registered member automatically – Membership 2 (WPMU)

WPMU DEV has released the new revamped version for membership plugin, called Membership 2. The layout and interface is awesome of the plugin and I am personally impressed. There is a new type of membership introduced in the… Read More

How to add an user into a BuddyPress group automatically when he joins in a WPMU membership

This is an useful snippet that will add your newly registered (via WPMU DEV Membership 2) member to corresponding BuddyPress group. You can add those codes in your functions.php in the theme, if you think your theme… Read More