A very simple jQuery slideshow – jSlider

Guys, this is a very simple jQuery slideshow, jSlider. Nothing special in naming, I just used a follower’s convention. This plugins have some configuration options. Let’s look at the code.

We just need one block element to implement the slideshow.

In here we just need to configure some options. Among those, images field are required to put the images path. Also for caption, we may have title, some text and url to redirect on.

Remember, we can’t put text/title/url for only one image, we need to put for all. In that case, if we don’t need we can use “” or # (in case of url).

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Any more questions? Ask in the comment box.

Anyway, this plugin is free to use, just keep the author info at the top. :)

Why don’t you check the demo? ;)


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