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How to write dynamic css in a php file in wordpress

It’s always standard to maintain a separate css file for styling, even for dynamic css that is generated by the theme options. Most of the theme developers include this dynamic styles into the header or footer using wp_head… Read More

How to make your wordpress secure, wp config tips and many more

You don’t want your site to be hacked, right? Security should be at the top of to-do list. It doesn’t matter which CMS or platform you use for your website or application or portal, but you need to… Read More

Enable css for HTML5 tags in Older Internet Explorer: HTML5 – The Beautiful Butterfly! Part 3

First you may take a look in: Part 1 Part 2 This is a very interesting topic. Most of the html5 tags are not supported in older versions Internet Explorer(IE) or other older browsers. When we develop a… Read More

HTML5: The Beautiful Butterfly! Part 2

Before starting this part, you may like to take a look on part 1. We are going to discuss some more important changes in this post. As HTML5 has been taking the top place of tomorrow’s world, it… Read More

How to add login logout link in wordpress menu

We can add login and logout link using Appearance > Menus and then custom link. But then both links will be shown always, doesn’t matter if you are logged in or out. But if you want to use… Read More

HTML5: The Beautiful Butterfly! Part 1

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is a formatting language that programmers and developers use to create documents on the Web. The latest edition HTML5 has enhanced features for programmers such as video, audio and canvas elements. You view… Read More

How to add extra field in the wordpress user profile

Hi Folks! Sometimes we need to add extra fields in wordpress user profile page for some more information like website URL, bio or AIM etc. Well, there is an easy solution from admin dashboard if you use BuddyPress…. Read More

How HTML5 supports older versions of IE

We all are aware of the popularity of HTML5 these days in the web-world. HTML5 and CSS3 are hot topics for a software developer which is getting huge attention from all around. All the browser companies are working… Read More

How to Activate Windows 7 Enterprise [Best Way]

Activate Windows 7 Enterprise or Professional Type in command prompt, open it as Administrator. slmgr.vbs -ipk FJ82H-XT6CR-J8D7P-XQJJ2-GPDD4 (Windows 7 Professional) slmgr.vbs -ipk 33PXH-7Y6KF-2VJC9-XBBR8-HVTHH (Windows 7 Enterprise) slmgr.vbs -skms or slmgr.vbs -skms or slmgr.vbs -skms or… Read More

When edit page is disabled for any sharepoint page

Sometimes you may see your edit page menu is disabled for some sharepoint site page. It may happens if someone check out that page and didn’t publish. In that case it’s good idea to not touch that page… Read More