My IELTS Experience – 7.5

Listening – 8, Reading – 8, Writing – 6.5, Speaking – 7, Overall – 7.5
Date: 01 February 2018
Module: GT
Center: Wings, BC, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

My preparation for the exam was not adequate. I had planned to appear in the exam experimentally, so didn’t take it seriously. And by the way, I am always a last-minute student. In my every exam I always pulled an all-nighter. I flunked many times but I didn’t change my policy, lol. But this time, I didn’t burn the midnight oil, rather I just tried to find out the way how I would be marked! We will talk about that now 🙂


First of all, let’s break some myths:
1. Which is better? BC or IDP? Well, both are same! Examiners of both follow the same instructions and are trained in the exact same way. In addition, their assessments are checked by the authority randomly, so they would not take any risk.
2. The students from English medium can get higher marks easily – a wrong conception. It’s not your medium of instruction – it’s all about the proper usage of English.
3. They just hate us, they don’t want us to get higher marks – another wrong conception. You don’t have any personal clash with them, do you? And again, their assessments are assessed too 🙂
4. If you mention “immigration” for the purpose, you would not get higher marks – same as above!

But yes, you may get a “half band” more in speaking if you appear in a center that is not in a metropolitan city.

Let’s leave all the myths right now, start practicing and seal a decent score 🙂 Read More