Include GitHub Gists in WordPress content makes it dead easy to include Gists in posts, but that isn’t available in the WordPress software by default.  So let’s add it!

GitHub’s Gist service normally provides an embed code to include Gists in other web sites. The embed code is really just a script to load the Gist via JavaScript. Since WordPress normally strips content like that (for security purposes), we’ll use a little shortcode snippet to make it easy to reference Gist code.

Here’s that shortcode snippet:

That snippet can be added to your theme’s functions.php, via a custom plugin or using Code Snippets.

Once added, you’ll be able to add Gist references by url like so:

Please note, we cannot be held accountable if you choose to change that url reference and it blows up your website. ;)

Easily display member cards with WPMU DEV Membership

Here’s a simple shortcode snippet to let you easily add a membership card for your site’s members when using WPMU DEV’s Membership plugin. This was requested in the WPMU DEV forums, where we love to help members out with simple and useful custom snippets. :)

WPMU DEV Forum topic: Display Membership Data Print/Mobile

The snippet adds a [mem_card] shortcode that will then show some member details.

The snippet can easily be added to your theme’s functions.php file, using the downloadable file available in that forum thread or using a plugin like Code Snippets.