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My working experience at WPMU DEV

WPMU DEV is one of the leading WordPress based product and service companies; and also where I have been working since 2013. From the beginning, WPMU DEV has contributed a lot to the WordPress community. Besides, they have… Read More

Easiest but powerful encryption in PHP

For a secured system, most of the data is encrypted in server end and sent to database. And after fetching the data from database, just decrypt before showing in front end. There are lots of procedure to encrypt… Read More

Gulp tutorial for beginners

In a sentence, Gulp is a task runner. Gulp makes our life easier. In a development workflow, we need to do some tasks frequently and gulp can do some tasks automatically. Don’t think gulp is a replacement of… Read More

How to use SSL in localhost

There are lots of stuffs we need to test with SSL. There are some SSL providers that provide free SSL we can use those in our site. Among free SSL providers, I prefer to use CloudFlare, it’s very… Read More

How to apply coupon automatically on WPMU membership2 checkout

Membership 2 is an awesome plugin to sell your content. That being said, you can charge your members to see your site content. If you want to give discount, you can use Coupon addon. You have to enable… Read More

Assign a membership to a registered member automatically – Membership 2 (WPMU)

WPMU DEV has released the new revamped version for membership plugin, called Membership 2. The layout and interface is awesome of the plugin and I am personally impressed. There is a new type of membership introduced in the… Read More

How to use custom post type archive as front page

We can easily set any page as front page from Settings > Reading. It can be any static page. But what if we want to set an archive or CPT archive page as front page? There are many… Read More

Defer parsing of javascript to improve performance in wordpress

Nothing for introduction, hehe! A very small snippet which will help you to defer parsing all javascript files except jquery in wordpress. Here is the code: You can add those codes in your functions.php in the theme,… Read More

Why you shouldn’t use one click installer to install wordpress

Yes, you will fall at the mid-ocean, trust me! Well, most of the bloggers just maintain a simple blog so usually they don’t need to worry. They just need to keep a regular backup. But if you are… Read More

How to convert hexadecimal color value to RGB value in php

Most of the CMS provides a color picker in admin panel to user to choose a color. And almost all of the color pickers return the color code as hexadecimal mode, e.g. #4EE4D3. So, you can just get… Read More