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Reorder or rearrange buddypress menu items

Don’t like the order of BuddyPress menu items? Change it! Use the following code and organize in your way – how you want to reorder the BuddyPress menu items. You can add those codes in your functions.php… Read More

Get All posts by tag in a network – wordpress multisite

If you want to show some selected posts as popular posts across the network, then this snippet is for you You can fetch posts by any tag that is available in your wordpress multisite network and show those… Read More

Show posts based on user preference in wordpress

This is an interesting snippet that will help you to set a preference for the users, so that they will choose their favorite categories and they will see posts from these categories only. You can add those… Read More

Remove joined group notification from sitewide activity

This is very little code snippet that will help you to hide some activity notification from the sitewide activity page. When someone joins in a group, we see a notification in sitewide activity page says, “Someone joined the… Read More

How to write dynamic css in a php file in wordpress

It’s always standard to maintain a separate css file for styling, even for dynamic css that is generated by the theme options. Most of the theme developers include this dynamic styles into the header or footer using wp_head… Read More

How to load a wordpress plugin at very last

You need to load your plugin at vert last? Well, sometimes we develop a simple plugin that is dependent to other plugins, something like add-on. So, in those cases, the addon plugins need to be loaded after the… Read More

How to make your wordpress secure, wp config tips and many more

You don’t want your site to be hacked, right? Security should be at the top of to-do list. It doesn’t matter which CMS or platform you use for your website or application or portal, but you need to… Read More

Include GitHub Gists in WordPress content makes it dead easy to include Gists in posts, but that isn’t available in the WordPress software by default.  So let’s add it! GitHub’s Gist service normally provides an embed code to include Gists in other web sites. The… Read More

Limit one blog per user in a wordpress multisite

In a wordpress multisite, an user can create as many blog as he wants. If you Pro Sites you can control this. Pro Sites is a giant plugin that will help you to have control over the whole… Read More

Easily display member cards with WPMU DEV Membership

Here’s a simple shortcode snippet to let you easily add a membership card for your site’s members when using WPMU DEV’s Membership plugin. This was requested in the WPMU DEV forums, where we love to help members out with… Read More