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This is the best and cheapest FAQ Plugin for WordPress.

This plugin provides nice Frequently Asked Questions Page with answers hidden until the question is clicked then the desired answer fades smoothly into view, like accordion. User will have options to add categories, and questions based on those categories. Users can show question from a single category using ShortCodes. They will have control to change theme (among 9 themes), animation speed and custom CSS.

How to use: To use this plugin you need to use simple shortcode. To show all FAQ in one page with categories, you will just write [show_faq]. To show questions from a specific category you need to write [show_faq id=10]; here 10 is category ID.

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You have also widget to show questions from a FAQ category.

You will have a very user-friendly interface. I believe you’ll love it!

Demo: dev.bappi-d-great.com/faq-all/
Demo 2: dev.bappi-d-great.com/faq-single/
Demo Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=trGjX7Fjqf4

See how it works:

I am always eager to support. If you have any problem, any type of problem, please feel free hit me in @ aknath.707@gmail.com with your purchase ID.

Enjoy your days.

Buy it here: [purchase_link id=”438″ text=”Add to Cart” style=”button” color=”green”]

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