How to copy a list using list template in sharepoint?

When we need to move a large list to another sharepoint site, it is really boring to create a new one. So we can copy this list template and upload it to the new site where we need it.

Follow the instruction to do it?

  • Go to Site Actions => View all site content
  • Go to old list
  • Go to List settings: Settings => List Settings
  • Under Permission  and Management click “Save list as template”
  • Give name, title and description
  • Press OK.
  • Go to list template gallery where you can see all available list templates

Now you have to upload this template into your new site.

  • Go to Site Actions => Site Settings => Modify All Site Settings (Where you want to upload this list template)
  • Under Gallery title click on List Templates
  • Upload the template here. Give name, title and description.
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Now it is available in your custom list templates.

  • Site Actions => View all site content
  • Create
  • Custom list => Your given name for the copied list template
  • Give Name, title and description

You’re done. Cheers!

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