How to copy a web part in Sharepoint?

Sometimes we need to copy a webpart in sharepoint rather than creating one. It’s because you may not have time to create one or you can’t do it. So, it’s better idea to copy a web part and change required parameters.

Follow the procedure:

  • Click on web part menus
  • Click on Export to export the webpart
  • Go to Site Actions => Site Settings => Modify All Site Settings (Where you want to upload this web part)
  • Under Gallery headings click on Web Parts.
  • You will see a list of available webparts here. Click on Upload to upload your exported webpart. Before that in some sharepoint site you may need to add/rename webpart filename extension as something.webpart.
  • Give webpart name and description how you want to see it.
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This webpart is now available for the site. Cheers !

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