Limit one blog per user in a wordpress multisite

In a wordpress multisite, an user can create as many blog as he wants. If you Pro Sites you can control this. Pro Sites is a giant plugin that will help you to have control over the whole network.

But if you just want to limit one blog per user in a wordpress multisite and don’t want to use a huge plugin like Pro Sites, then this small snippet should help you.

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function wpms_one_blog_only($active_signup) {
// get the array of the current user's blogs
$blogs = get_blogs_of_user( get_current_user_id() );
// all users may be members of blog 1 so remove it from the count, could be a "Dashboard" blog as well
if ($blogs["1"]) unset($blogs["1"]);
//if the user still has blogs, disable signup else continue with existing active_signup rules at SiteAdmin->Options
$n = count($blogs);
if(n > 0){
$active_signup = 'none';
echo '';
} else {
$active_signup = $active_signup;
return $active_signup; // return "all", "none", "blog" or "user"
add_filter('wpmu_active_signup', 'wpms_one_blog_only');

You can add those codes in your functions.php in the theme, if you think your theme won’t be changed. Otherwise mu-plugins is the best solution. To use mu-plugins, go to /wp-content/ and find the folder with name ‘mu-plugins’. If there is no folder in that name, then create a folder, name it ‘mu-plugins’, create a file inside that, give any name you like and paste the code in there. You don’t need to activate that plugin. Mu-plugins means must use plugins, so it will be activated automatically always. If you use mu-plugins then add a php start tag at the beginning of the code.

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