Who says you can’t change URL for list or document library in Sharepoint?

Normally, we can rename the list or document library in Sharepoint CMS but from the admin panel we can’t change the url. Renaming the list doesn’t confirm that the corresponding url is also changed, the url will remain same. The easier way is to copy this list template and create a new list with it, then delete old one. But there is a problem, modified date will be changed in this procedure. Also converting such files into template is not possible, unfortunately. In that case you have to upload all the files again in the new document library.


We have another way.

  1. Open the site in sharepoint designer.
  2. Browse to the list.
  3. You will see a folder named to the list that are available in that site.
  4. Just rename this folder, that’s it. Your list URL is changed.
  5. But it doen’t confirm that the list name is also changed, you have to rename the list through CMS.

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